UP Community Fund | Brand Strategy & Identity


UP Community Fund's mission is to ignite opportunities of growth for small business owners and the communities they serve. 

They’re in business to merge non-traditional business funding with years of strategic business  experience, empathy, and a nurturing approach to build up business owners, their companies, and the communities they serve.


When UP Community Fund approached us, they were in a unique place. On one hand, they had begun to establish themselves as a great resource for small business funding and as a resource partner. On the other hand, they were limited in their ability to convey their story and share it with a broader audience. They found themselves attracting clients that did not fit their criteria which became a detriment to their time and resources.


Over our two year engagement, we developed the creative narrative around the theme of “upward journey”, with the concept being that moving upward implies that this isn’t the final stop, but a major step in the right direction for each business that engages with UPC. This helped unify the story, and clearly defined the brand’s target audience. Additionally, we provided ongoing brand and marketing consulting as they sought to drive their business forward.

Using a completely new brand identity, UPC now stands out, and the matching website carries their story to the world. We also engaged with their clients through strategic interviews to build up reviews that support the narrative of who UPC is.

Over that time, we saw UPC increase their funding capacity to $19m (up from $9m), with $9.2m funded to businesses across five states.

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