Rwenshaun Miller


Mental health has become a topic of much discussion over the years, and rightfully so. Rwenshaun Miller is one of those at the forefront of that conversation. As a psychotherapist, mental health change agent, author and speaker who lives with Bipolar Disorder, Rwenshaun is uniquely positioned to help change the narrative and break the stigmas of mental health, especially for black and brown people. His influence has grown drastically over the last five years, leading him to reach out for branding help.


With the growth of influence that Rwenshaun was encountering, he recognized the need for strategic development and deployment of his brand. He already had a strong following on social media, but his brand identity and website weren't in a place to support the growth. Additionally, the increase of speaking engagements required new visuals to accompany him. He also needed to update the website for his non-profit, Eustress Inc.


We refreshed his logo with more vibrant color (green being the primary color and representation of mental health), along with an animated version. We leveraged the newer colors in his new content/graphics, and translated it to the website.

The new website has a more conversational flow than his previous site, and makes it easier for anyone to find the answers or resources they need.

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