The First African-American Mental Health Infographics


Fun fact - 21five's background has some of it's roots in psychology and mental health. Being a black-owned agency with a founder who's degree is in Psychology, we believe in the power of mental health advocacy.

So, in 2017, we collaborated with a mental health professional several years ago to do just that. Leveraging our collective backgrounds in mental health, we were able to create two infographics that provide valuable information for other professionals via a content license, mental health advocates, and everyday people alike.


There was a lack of informative graphics developed specifically to outline mental health facts about/for African-Americans.


Our collaboration with a credentialled mental health professional led us to design two of the first infographics that detail useable facts that pertain to black mental health. Our first graphic spoke to factors that are barriers to African-Americans receiving mental health services, and our second specifically targeted anxiety disorder, which is a prevalent though often unaddressed topic in the black community.

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