Ebenezer Baptist Church Charlotte


Ebenezer Baptist Church, one of Charlotte's largest and longest-running houses of worship hired us to help them go to the next level. While the ministry continues to grow, Dr. Lynch (senior pastor) saw that it was time to bring marketing projects that had been set aside for years up to par with where they were heading. As a result, we have been able to provide consulting, design work, brand development, and online presence management to a body of people that work diligently to provide nothing less than excellence.


Developing a dynamic website and marketing initiatives that spoke to the future of Ebenezer Baptist Church and modeled the brand visual that would resonate with their congregants of varying ages.


We found that based on their demographics, creating a user-friendly website that was easy to use for older generations, but interactive enough for younger generations would be our best bet. We centered all of our efforts around this common theme, creating graphics and language that held true to the core values of tradition, while pointing their audience toward the future.

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