Jamison Consultants


Jamison Consultants, LLC is an Integrative Healthcare Organization that is dedicated to providing clients with a wide spectrum of health services specifically in the low-country areas of South Carolina and Georgia. They pride themselves in being practitioners of wholeness, helping to meet the needs of the whole patient.

They came to us with expansion on the horizon. They realized that now would be the right time to really focus in to bring their best brand to the marketplace.


Jamison Consultants had a good problem: they were growing quickly. They discovered that internally, their team wasn't as familiar with who they are, what they do, and didn't have a cohesive definition of the company. This lack of brand cohesion and clarity spilled over to the customers they served via their 7 facilities across two states.


A unified brand and messaging that clearly defines who Jamison Consultants is both for internal and external stakeholders.

They also left with a refreshed logo mark that embodied the essence of their previous logo (which had familial ties to the founder and CEO). This new logo not only retained the founder's family legacy, but also represents the seven core areas of healthcare that they provide.

Additionally, we developed a new, more dynamic website with updated imagery to support their messaging.

Jamison Consultants Business Card
Jamison Consultants Identity Monotone
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