Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center


TPWC, also known as the Tab, came into contact with 21five Creative when our owner Kevin and his wife Mary began attending the church when they moved to Charlotte. Seeing a need for a new website, Kevin met with Pastor Darryl White to discuss how through 21five, he might be able to help them out. The end result was a beautiful website that functions superbly. Knowing that "Worship is our lifestyle, and praise is what we do", it was important to showcase that the Tab is here to uplift the name of Jesus Christ, and to serve those in the community. Further, it opened up greater access to their online streaming services, and better organization of church information and ministries.


Internally, TPWC had all the makings of an impactful church, but it wasn't represented well in the identity and website. We discovered that there was a need to develop a "moving" brand identity and website that can represent where TPWC is, but is also flexible enough to reach toward where they're going.


We developed a refreshed brand identity that invoked the idea of moving upward and directing efforts toward a common place of community. We also designed a website that embodies the new imagery of TPWC, while merging it with a modern look. The functionality is simple enough for people of all ages to navigate, and for our client to manage the site.

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