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Let's be honest, mold isn't something we want to talk about. It's furry and fuzzy in the wrong way. What resulted was something very unique - we made indoor air quality something to pay attention to. A fresh, smiling logo, unconventional colors, an easy-to-navigate website, and new headshots and promo video helped bring the strategy we put together to market our client's brand to life. Through on-going social media management in collaboration Business Roadmap, we have been able to generate real results for Smith Environmental Solutions.


When Daniel came to us, we had the big challenge of establishing a brand for a mold business that had been in operation for 15 years. Even though the business was well-established, it had no clear brand identity, nor strategy. Add in the fact that mold remediation isn't exactly the most attractive service you may run across, it became clear that Smith Environmental Solutions could easily get lumped into the pile of every other air quality and mold remediation company.


We leveraged brand strategy and a redesigned identity to build an easily recognizable brand to increase awareness, attract new customers, and establish Smith Environmental Solutions' expertise. We leaned into a friendly, health-conscious direction and gleaned from the personality of Daniel, the founder, to drive a jovial, relationship-oriented tone that would welcome people in. This aided in allowing SES to sell products that every people could purchase to improve their indoor air quality and relief issues from allergens to asthma symptoms.

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