We exist to help you tell your brand story.

21five Creative is a brand strategy and digital marketing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We believe that the true power of a brand is found in it's purpose. That's why we work with businesses and organizations across the world to bring their brand stories to life through graphic & web design, social media development, and consulting. 

Our Process

Our process is simple: Talk. Research. Plan. Implement. Done.

We don't like being complicated. That's why we set up our process to be as simple as possible (and area always looking for even greater ways to simplify things).


  • The first step is to learn about you. We will have a chat about what you're needs are, and the explore the purpose behind your brand.


  • Once we begin, 21five starts researching details that will help us with developing your project. We do our due diligence and research. We perform a marketing audit, which assesses what you’ve done in the past, what results you saw, what you’re doing now, and what you're looking to do. We draw our conclusions and identify your unique brand position, audience, business and market advantages, inhibitors and opportunities.


  • A good building is first laid out on a blueprint. The planning phase is the bridge between Research and Implementation that allows us to layout out what is about to be built for you. We take the information from our research (which can often be pretty scattered), and put it into a systmatic idea that we go over with you.


  • Once we have a clear picture on what you want, we put it into motion. Whether it is designing a logo, or creating a social media strategy and calendar, this is the point that the pieces of the puzzle all come together.


  • And you're done! Depending on the project or service, once final requirements for release are met on the client end, you're ready to rock and roll! See, not so bad, right?

Measure and Improvements

  • For those with on-going services, the project may be done, but there's still more to learn from. We will use the many tools at our disposal to measure and track how well our efforts are doing. This also gives us insight into how we can improve upon what we've done. If you're not learning and improving, you're not growing!


We have four points of value when working with clients.

Be Real


We believe in authenticity, both with our clients and with theirs.

Aim Higher


We believe in shooting for greater.

Collaborate... A Lot


We believe in curating real bonds with our clients.

Seek the Unique


We believe in finding ways to stand out from the crowd.


Mary Pleasants

The Brains, Business Manager

Latrice Claiborne

Systems Ninja, Partner

Timothy Claiborne

Imagery Guru, Partner

Our visual source of greatness, TLC Images provides high quality, super crisp and creative images for our clients.

Mary Pleasants is the brains behind it all. She brings years of marketing and administrative experience from her work with major banks and telecommunications companies. Her role is to help keep us working well so that we can help client's market well.

Latrice knows business. That's why when she decided to partner Trinity Admin Solutions with 21five, we knew things would only go up from there. She works with us to help guide our marketing efforts for clients, while also providing business management and support for national organizations.

Our visual source of greatness, Tim of TLC Images VA provides high quality, "super crispy" and creative imagery for our clients. Tim co-owns TLC images alongside his wife Latrice.

Want to Partner with Us?

We're always open to connecting with other businesses to help bring greater value to our clients. If interested in partnering with us , click the link below to shoot us an email!

We've partnered with Trinity Admin Solutions, a virtual administrative company that helps you with anything "virtually". They provide additional resources for our clients beyond marketing and branding, such as managing payroll, paperwork, and some social media management.

Meet Kevin

Founder, Brand Strategist & Creative Director

Kevin believes that when creativity meets strategy, boundless possibilities can come to life. He founded 21five to bring creative solutions to business owners like himself who understand the power that brand clarity and strategy can bring. Being skilled in design and marketing, he leads the way toward the manifestation of big ideas for 21five clients.

In addition to strategy and design, Kevin enjoys photography, tech, cars (especially BMW's), public speaking, serving in his church as a minister, and spending loads of time with his wife and son.

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What does the name mean?

If you've stuck around this long, you're in for the answer to a question a few have asked us - what does "21five" mean?

It originally came from Revelation 21:5:

And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!”

The idea was surrounding the "new" portion. 21five would make the look and feel of your brand new for, even it had been around for decades.

Now, Proverbs 21:5 resonates more with us. That says:

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

We discovered after a very short time of working with clients that taking a strategy-first approach is what truly helps our clients grow. So, we help make good plans (brand strategies) that merge with hard work to lead our clients to success. Makes sense, right?