Tony Craddock, Jr.'s "H20" | Album Design


Working with Tony for his third production is amazing to us. Cold Front Music, Tony Craddock, Jr.'s music brand, came to us over five years ago to design his second album. Here we are, many smaller projects later, and we've designed his next great jazz album! From start to completion, Tony has trusted us with the design of his latest and greatest musical work.

Scope of Project

  • Album Design
  • Logo/Symbol Design
  • Brand Design Consultation
  • Shirt Design


Interpreting all three states of H20 in an album design that will be printed on a digipack (only four panels in total) presented a challenge. How do you convey each item without it becoming "busy", and in a way that clearly conveys the message of a jazz artist?


We started with a background that transitions between teal, blue, and purple. This brings in the feeling of water. Then, we thought, "why not have a sax drop into the water?" Obviously, we didn't want to drop a real sax into the water. So we developed a digital version that showed it making a splash (much like what the music on the album will do for the listener). Next, we dropped some ice to the bottom of the water, and vapor rising from the water. Boom - all three states of H20.


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