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Churches being affected by Covid-19.

Our focus is solutions - asking ourselves "What is it that we can do to help during these uncertain times"?

I looked at where I started my business, the church, and saw the need for the ability to still serve, just in a different way. As Covid-19 continues to spread, creating higher risks and requiring new restrictions on public gatherings, the question becomes "How can we keep church going if we cant open the doors and meet together?" We have to think creatively about how we can still still do what we are called to do as ministry leaders.

Good Church Marketing is helping churches and ministry leaders create an online presence and carry the Word of God forward. In fact, we began nearly two weeks ago helping clients gear up for what was ahead. With some helpful research and resources from my personal friends and business partners, I've put together solutions to help.

How did we do it?
We look at strategies for building an online presence.
Find ways to foster community with online groups.
Develop methods to carry the message of Jesus through content.
Build a system to maintain giving online.

The method my change, but the Message of Christ remains. Let's make sure you're equipped to continue the work of God beyond the four walls.

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